Dear Reader:

Welcome, to these profound and unyielding chains of chronicles. I must convey that most will not succeed in trying to comprehend my circumstances and my closed off personality. Do not be offended and read with your own risk. That is all I shall say. Continue onward if you dare.

Conceal your thoughts if you like,


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lucifer (Onyx Eyes)

On the Border,
the edge of Hell,
there stood an angel;
the one who befell

His eyes--dark, onyx stones
pierces right through
all those who are alone
and catches you too.

Enflame the concave,
Uproot the pure,
Eradicate the brave,
and linger to lure.

Dearest Rejection,
you're against perfection,
Just to add sinners to your collection.

Inferno, introduce me your true form,
Destruction, grant me your eyes of black scorn,
Tormentor, tear me apart with your demonic sword.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Result

Face is

Hands are                                                   cold

Feelings                                                      hidden
Beneath the                                                mold

I have                                                     a no choice
I have                                                     to not choose

It's easy to                                                 win
And hard to                                                lose

What's crushing me                                    most
Is what I have to                                        pick

When I try to                                         fight back
The pain comes too                                   quick

The answer's                                              there
So I close                                                my eyes

I blackout the                                           hatred
and all of the                                                 lies

The result is a                                               gun
and a bit of                                                 blood
but the gun                                             doesn't matter
because i'm already                                                            gone.

Mirror (Counterpiece)

Can I be your distraction?
For your satisfaction?
Because of this attraction...
I like you more than a fraction.
Can I make a correction?
You’re my only direction.
I can see you in my reflection
That detects of natural selection.

No reaction?
Fine, I’ll take more action
And you will feel my taction
There will be no retraction.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amidst The Slow Pain

Amidst in the slow pain
I holler your name
Deep inside
There is no second goodbyes
I laid there
Your eyes caught me here
You left me alone
No longer i can hold

I saw your infinite smirk
My heart shattered by a dirk
My tears shed liquid
Can you make this quick?
I laid there once again
By myself, not you, instead
I felt hurt and betrayed
Like a lion that broken its cage
Firey, anger raged
I grabbed my pistol and raised
at you, I said and frowned,
"Will I be seeing you in around?"
You shifted your feet
"I dont believ-"
I scrambled my gaze
"Why are you in a daze?"
I cried,
"Why are you acting this way?!"
"Don't you see,
you dont love me."
I looked into your hazel eyes
"I loved you all this time!
Why don't you realize?!"
The gun still in hand
You flung at me like a rubber band
I fell into a backward flip
You landed at my hip
You groped my hand in sweat
"I loved you too ever since we met."
We hugged and cried
together we became tied
Suddenly, I pressed my hand against your chest
It was blood, nonetheless
The pistol went off
by being soft.

Silence of Words

Silence, the only thing I can hear
Nothing, but empty words ringing in my ears.
The blistering and bruising of broken words,
The deafening ruin can only occur.

The mutter of the murr of a silent murmur,
can summit to ultimate suffer to churn.
Inside, the indefinite spare of indifferent lies,
broke through a mask of a mysterious disguise.

True and subtle, the quickest whisper,
turn and change a smile so sinister.
Shifting and twisting a silent glare,
manufactures another fire flare.

Ink (Blood and Scars)

                                        I bleed a pain that doesn’t show,
A scar that doesn’t fade away,
                                                                                    The pain deepens, but slowly grows
                          An undeserving feeling for the rest of the day.

                                   I bleed hearts all over this paper for you
I sign my name in blood and ink,
                                   I want you to know how I truly feel about you,
and how I want to sink.
I bleed sadness all over my heart
                          that are shades of dark blue,
                                              Because all you did with these shards,
                                                                    Only makes me want to think of you.

                                            I bleed regrets all over my face,
I try to disguise with a binding mask,
                                            I've been laid to waste
                                                          because I knew it wouldn't last.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

His Fault (Cold Asphalt)

Waiting on the cold asphalt,
thinking everything was my fault.
Thats how I felt.

Was it or not?
The body strewn across the lot,
the blood trickling another dot. 

Clutching myself in the bloody air,
What the hell happened here?

I didn't mean to kill his soul.
I couldn't resist not to pull.

Did he have a spirit?
I think not,
if he did, I can bear it.

Was it too much?
To pierce his heart and such?
Well, he pulled the punch.

His fault, not mine, I think.
Anger took control in an eye blink.
I just wanted him to sink.

Still there on the black top,
remembering how his body plopped,
I guess I popped.
I knew I couldn't stop.

His corpse is cold and wet,
seeing his eyes all set
towards the sky,
I was starting to sweat.

Rain pounded the darkness on the ground,
so I dug a hole where he couldn't be found,
forever, now, I am bound.